Dispute resolution

IP litigation

A business’s ability to innovate may be critical for its success, but IP is core.  How well you protect your innovation by intellectual property rights and how efficiently you assert and enforce them according to a strategy that is adequate to your requirements may turn out to be even more important.


At GjessingReimers we develop IP strategies, including IP litigation strategies for clients operating in various industries. Experienced IP litigators work with regulatory lawyers to create the right strategy for you. This is essential to develop successful strategies, especially in the strictly regulated industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, the biotech industry, the food and beverages industry, aquaculture, and several services industries to the oil and gas industry.


We are internationally orientated, and are used to working closely for foreign clients and with their foreign counsel. We understand the importance of developing and implementing IP and litigation strategies that are consistent across multiple jurisdictions.


Commercial litigation

In addition to the handling of disputes concerning the existence, validity and enforcement of intellectual property rights, and sometimes the entitlement to them, our litigation practice also includes representing clients in a number of different types of commercial disputes that concern intellectual property rights, e.g. disputes about the interpretation of contracts, or disputes relating to statutory employee inventors’ rights.


As our client, you are entitled to the most vigorous defence of your position or rights. However, litigation is not always the best option. There is wisdom in the old saying that «a lean settlement is sometimes better than a fat court case», and we always consider carefully if a dispute should be settled, or if alternative dispute resolution methods should be explored.