Our background in IP and IT law, regulatory matters, and dispute resolution is combined with experience in providing strategic advice to clients on commercial matters and advising and representing them in commercial disputes, especially where IP rights and the access to and control of technology are in issue. Further, we provide advice, also in neighbouring areas, such as unfair competition law, marketing law, franchising and distributorship matters. Our track record spans across a number of sectors, with highlights in the pharmaceutical industry and in the oil and gas services and aquaculture (fish farming) industries, the latter two being the most important Norwegian industries. Several of us also have hands-on experience from work in the IT and consumer product industries, both in-house and as external advisers.


In addition to assisting clients with the development of strategies to protect their innovation by means of intellectual property rights, and with the enforcement of their rights, we draft and negotiate agreements that govern the ownership and exploitation of intellectual property rights.


We also advise our clients in questions concerning contracts they have already entered into. Such questions will often be about competition law concerns, termination rights and the construction of contractual terms.


We advise on transactions involving the transfer of intellectual property rights and technology, including both asset transfers and share purchase agreements. We undertake due diligence on the intellectual property rights that are being transferred, and on the agreements that relate to them.

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